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        • Name: Heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Wire
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        The heat-resistant aluminum alloy wires are used for modification of capacity-expansion lines and old lines and are produced under the enterprise standard of Q/WL.J01.002-2000 or JEC197, etc.

        It is characterized in that at high temperature, the strength loss is quite low, the long-term working temperature is allowed to rise from 70℃ up to 150℃, so the transmission capacity is greatly improved compared with the aluminum wire of the same specification.

        The product is used for high-voltage transformer stations, extra-high voltage transformer stations, high-capacity transformer stations, etc. as buses and is also used for capacity expansion and modification of urban power grids, lines needing ice melting and lines in narrow corridors of the suburbs.


        Type Name Production Range
        NRLH58J Heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Conductor 50-800
        NRLH58GJ Steel-core Heat-resistant
        Aluminum Alloy Conductor


        The product is applied to places with serious termite damage and high environment-friendly requirements, particularly power transmission and distribution lines of buried and pipe-laying power systems.


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